Chess Board
Tournament Size Chess Board

A tournament sized chess board created using walnut and maple wood

Nintendo Switch Case
Sheikah Slate Case for Nintendo Switch

A wooden case for the Nintendo Switch styled after the LoZ: BotW Sheikah Slate

LOTR Bookends
Gandalf and Bilbo Bookends

Wooden bookends featuring Gandalf and Bilbo from The Hobbit

Kindle Sleeve
Kindle Sleeve

A protective sleeve created for the kindle paperwhite

Drink Coaster
Louisville City Drink Coaster

A 3D Printed drink coaster featuring the louisville City FC logo

Pinecone Ornament
Pinecone Ornament

A Christmas tree ornament created using a foam egg, ribbon, and lots of pins

Catan Board
Wooden Catan Board

A Settlers of Catan playing board created using balsa and pine